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Sanwa Jo is a tribute to the elegant simplicity of Japanese tradition with our three main culinary themes: sushi, teppanyaki and robatayaki (san, meaning “three” in Japanese), as well as washoku (wa, referring to Washoku).

Our Master Chefs bring structure and imagination to the art of cuisine to an ultimate balance. With massive experience in the industry, our master chefs envisage and prepare Traditional Japanese dishes in their own unique ways, using only carefully selected seasonal ingredients, while respecting the tradition.

Sanwa Jo is about more than just a feast in the mouth, but to warm our customers’ heart with exceptional food and warm hospitable services.

The open kitchen and modern Japanese inspired décor unfold an intimate, relaxed ambiance and a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for the culinary team to work their magic on creating alluring eats, and above all, for diners to share blissful moments with loved ones over hearty dishes and a bottle of sake.

Sanwa Jo strives to make your every culinary journey full of aromas, tastes and textures that will create memories of a lifetime.

Our Team

Peter Tang

Executive Chef

With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Chef Tang’s passion for gastronomy, food ingredients and cooking techniques has seen him helming the kitchen at various upmarket Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong.

Chef Tang began his career as the apprentice of a chef from Japan in the 1980s, when deluxe Japanese cuisine started to enter the market. Inspired by the Japanese culture of scrupulousness, Chef Tang embarked on his study of Japanese food ingredients and dishes.

Prior to becoming the Executive Chef of Sanwa Jo, Chef Tang played a prominent role at restaurants specializing in teppanyaki, sushi, and washoku, including the Michelin-starred Ore no Kappou and Matsubishi. In addition to impeccable cooking techniques, Chef Tang also insists on using seasonal ingredients to ensure diners a divine washoku dining experience.

In the book of Chef Tang, the essence of Japanese is seasonality, complemented with just the right amount of seasoning and side dishes, as well as unyielding attentiveness.

Throughout his over three decades of career, Chef Tang has made friends aplenty, including the founder of Sanwa Jo, with whom he shares the idea of gastronomy shared with loved ones being the optimal pleasure. To be a part of Sanwa Jo is precisely the reflection of such a desire of Chef Tang.

Chow Hoi Hing

Robatayaki Chef

Chef Hing grew up in a culture of food love. At the kitchen of his family’s Portuguese restaurant in Macau, Chef Hing has cultivated a passion for gastronomy and culinary techniques, and has 31 years of experience in the industry.

Having worked at the Hikiya kaiseki restaurant in Japan, Chef Hing has acquired the spirits of perseverance and meticulousness from Japanese chefs, reinforcing the foundation on which his career was to be built upon. His subsequent stints at upmarket Japanese restaurants such as Zushi ANA and ANA Gura have enabled him to further discern the impeccable approaches to food ingredient selection and attention to detail.

Chef Hing, currently the Robatayaki Chef at Sanwa Jo, deems ingredients and heat control as the defining elements of robatayaki. By perfecting managing the heat during the cooking process, Chef Hing’s signature evenly marbled beef plate tantalizes the palate with its juiciness, charcoal-filled aroma, and the unique seasoning and sauce blend that balance the greasiness.

Chow Chung Yin

Washoku Chef

Chef Chow began his career as an apprentice at Ginza, where he delved into the world of sashimi, deep-fries and simmering techniques; he has almost 31 years of experience in the industry.

Chef Chow has honed his skills from celebrated chefs from Japan at numerous restaurants, including the Michelin recommended Shiba, where he started from rinsing rice to further up the rank, where he learnt the techniques of tempura, sashimi, as well as the essence of kaiseki dining.

Attentive observation and practice are essential when learning from the masters, says Chef Chow. Speed, presentation, and flavour are all integral to the making of each dish, with th e emphasis placed on eliciting the natural flavours of the food ingredients, and such is the essence of washoku.

Currently the Washoku Chef at Sanwa Jo, Chef Chow is immaculate with the ingredients and making of his signature tempura dishes, using only seasonal ingredients, delivered in light and crispy batter, the holy grail in the world of tempura.


Lee Lik Kin

Teppanyaki Chef

With a career in the dining industry spanning 25 years, Chef Lee has been enthusiastic about food and cooking since a tender age. Upon a chance encounter with traditional Japanese cuisine (washoku), he decided to immerse himself in the Japanese culinary pursuit of visual and gastronomic appeal, and has apprenticed with multiple celebrated chefs on the crafts of sashimi and teppanyaki.

During his stints at Sagano and Ginza, Chef Lee honed in on his culinary skills and became an experienced teppanyaki chef.

Chef Lee thinks that teppanyaki is more than just a cooking technique, but also an art form, for the entire process from interacting with customers to food presentation is a performance in itself.

Currently the Teppanyaki Chef at Sanwa Jo, Chef Lee adopts his typical sincere approach, not only when selecting food ingredients, but also when interacting with customers to gauge their appetite.

Chef Lee’s signature dishes include lobster, Australian abalone, and tarabagani teppanyaki, packed with visual and gastronomic pleasures.


Tse Wai Chuen

Sushi Chef

All it took for the young Chef Tse was a chance encounter with Japanese cuisine inside the kitchen.

Having worked at the Michelin-starred Sushi Wadatsumi and Tenzen, spending about a decade working alongside culinary greats, Chef Tse has mastered the sushi-making technique to become the standalone experienced sushi chef he is today. It was his unparalleled talent, hard work, and sincerity that won the heart of the then-owner of Tenzen and now Senior Executive Consultant Chef Man, who appointed Chef Tse as the Sushi Chef of Sanwa Jo.

Chef Tse thinks the prerequisite to mastering sushi and sashimi are the passion for Japanese cuisine, attention to detail, and the anticipation of seasonal seafood on the palate. Which explains why he is circumspect with ingredient selection, and his impeccable seasoning and knife precision, as well as innovative presentation technique certainly breathe a welcoming breath of air to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Currently the Sushi Chef at Sanwa Jo, Chef Tse’s signature dish of fatty tuna sashimi and cod roe sashimi tickles with a richness and softness that melts in the mouth instantaneously – a dish to remember not least because of Chef Tse’s unique seasoning blend and art of knife precision.


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